Elementary Acting

Elementary Acting

Elementary acting is a call where Students will get to play theater games, work on scenes, and do interactive acting exercises. This class is the stepping stone that helps kids fall in love with the art of performing. It also helps kids build the confidence to not only perform well but to have a confidence they can take into regular life.

**Kaser Arts highly recommends taking this class alongside one of our performing arts workshops.

For Grades: K – 5th

Time: Wednesday 2:30pm – 3:30pm @ PCLC

Duration: 2 Semester class 

Price: $365/per semester

*There is an annual student fee for all students taking classes at Pacific Coast Learning Center. Some charter schools allow for this fee to be added to the cost of classes rather than being paid out-of-pocket by parents. You may select this option when you register for the class.

Teacher: Stephanie Dien